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How to Measure for a Headband from Styling with Christina

Hi ladies! I’m here today with a new video to show you how to measure for your Styling with Christina headband. I wanted to make this video in response to the frequent comments I received when selling at local craft shows…

  • I just can’t wear a headband

  • I must have a weird shaped head because headbands won’t stay on my head

  • Any headband I try just slides right off

  • How do I know which size will fit best?

I’m here to tell you that with the right size headband, NONE of these should be an issue! It’s not you, it’s the headband you’re trying to wear! Watch the video below and be freed from headband shame!

Here’s the big pink button to get your Styling with Christina headband size chart.

Are you ready to up your headband game? I hope so! Grab your measuring tape to check your size and get your headband here.