About Me

Hi, I'm Christina, founder of the StylingWithChristina brand.  I’m living and raising my family in the small community of Belpre, Ohio – originally ‘Belle Prairie’ (French for beautiful meadow) – along the Ohio River.  We take pride in being the second US settlement in the Northwest Territory (Marietta, Ohio being the first), in being home to the first library established in the territory, and in hiring the first female school teacher in Ohio!

I started StylingWithChristina as a seamstress with a love and passion for sewing and the connection it gives to my grandma and my mom.  There’s not a time when I sit down to sew that I don’t recall my grandma and the Singer sewing machine that was in the corner of her living room.  My mom taught me the basics of sewing and was always patient enough to allow me to ‘help’ with her sewing projects. 

I would describe my style as a marriage between bohemian and romantic 😊.  I love to search for the perfect fabrics for my creations and am drawn to vibrant colors, geometric and abstract prints, and FLORALS!!   They just make me happy.  I am inspired by pieces that are the essence of being timeless, beautiful, carefree, fresh, and romantic

It is my hope that when you wear an item from StylingWithChristina you will be empowered to embody these positive, compelling qualities and your self-esteem and confidence will sky rocket and you can then go out into the world looking and feeling fabulous and put together!

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