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Crafting Handmade + Fashion

Hi everyone. The lovely person behind StylingWithChristina is me, Christina Turrill. My focus is on handmade + fashion that is comfortable, simple, and versatile.
All my garments are constructed at my in-home sewing studio using quality fabrics and notions with an eye on durable construction. I utilize pdf patterns from designers I trust, and I know have went the extra mile to develop a pattern for fit and function for all body types. Every garment you will see in my shop I have made up in my size; most often more than once. Perfect practice makes perfect. Plus, who can resist all the pretty fabric?
Also, I actually wear the garments I’ve sewn. I put them to the test of everyday life--home, errands, work, date night with my husband, laundering, parenting, travel...you get the idea. My goal is to deliver to you a garment that will provide many useful wears for many different situations.
I can trace the beginning of this journey to 2015, when I purchased my very own sewing machine, a Brother cs6000i. Sewing, for me, is a connection to my paternal grandma and my mom. I cannot create a garment without recalling the Singer machine my grandma kept in its cabinet in the corner of her living room as well as my grandma; pin curls, creamed coffee, polyester pants, cat eye eyeglasses, and black high heels in which I loved to play dress-up.
My mom used, and still uses, a Kenmore model that she would remove from its hard plastic carry case (with the broken latch on one side) and sit on our dining room table. She was always patient enough to allow me to 'assist' with her sewing projects; mending my dad’s work clothes, upcycling jeans to shorts, and sewing garments for our family.
In learning to sew (better), I stumbled upon the world of PDF patterns, pattern designers, and BEST of all, pattern testing. How better to learn than to jump right in and be part of the process of developing a pattern for release to the public? The designers for which I have tested include:
GreenStyle Creations
Everything Your Mama Made & More
Koerb Bros. Stitch Designs
The DIBY Club
Rebecca Page
Laela Jeyne
Check them out. You may see my face pop up in their listing tester/product photos, along with the items I’ve sewn. How fun! In addition, I am a brand ambassador for Southern Belle Fabrics, and, from time to time, you can read about my latest sewing adventures at www.stylingwithchristina.com/blog.
My ultimate dream is to sew my success as a small business on a full time basis. I invite you to join me on my journey; to step out in style to go the miles. You can walk with me on Facebook @Styles for Miles or Instagram @styles_for_miles_love.

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