How to Measure for a Headband from Styling with Christina

Hi ladies! I’m here today with a new video to show you how to measure for your Styling with Christina headband. I wanted to make this video in response to the frequent comments I received when selling at local craft shows…

  • I just can’t wear a headband

  • I must have a weird shaped head because headbands won’t stay on my head

  • Any headband I try just slides right off

  • How do I know which size will fit best?

I’m here to tell you that with the right size headband, NONE of these should be an issue! It’s not you, it’s the headband you’re trying to wear! Watch the video below and be freed from headband shame!

Here’s the big pink button to get your Styling with Christina headband size chart.

Are you ready to up your headband game? I hope so! Grab your measuring tape to check your size and get your headband here.

Meet the Maker Series: Behind the Scenes with Natural Soap and Bath Products Maker, Christine, of William Street Soap

Meet the Maker Series:  Behind the Scenes with Natural Soap and Bath Products Maker, Christine, of William Street Soap

Today on the blog I'm here talking with Christine of William Street Soap.  She’s dedicated to using high quality ingredients that will leave hair and skin feeling soft and supple (and who doesn’t need more of that?) 

Meet the Maker: Behind the Scenes with Bohemian Jewelry Designer, Lauralee, of Savannah Rose Design


Today on the blog I'm here talking with Lauralee of Savannah Rose Design.  She’s a busy wife, momma, and entrepreneur who promotes her beautiful bohemian jewelry on Etsy and Amazon, as well as in her local markets.   I was delighted when she graciously agreed to share some of her time with us.  Read on and be captivated by the heart and soul behind her boho vibe as well as discover her favorite boho style piece to accessorize with this fall.    

The fabulous Lauralee, the artisan behind Savannah Rose Design.

The fabulous Lauralee, the artisan behind Savannah Rose Design.

      What inspires your pieces? 

Nature – Art -A story – An outfit


       Why did you start your business?

   I’ve always been a self-starter but what pushed me was the start of Motherhood.  It broke my heart having to leave my son (now I have two) with someone else while I went to my 9-5.  I immediately started to prep for my own business.  Etsy wasn’t it.  I went to local boutiques and got my name out there.  After 10 months, my dream of being home with my beauty came true. 


How long does it take you to create a piece from inception to Etsy listing?

This is a tricky one. It depends on the piece. Some I start and pick back up in a week, because I can get “designer block” ....  If it’s a simpler piece and I am working at it FT, a few weeks. I’m very picky and almost always rework a piece multiple times before I am satisfied. 

Studio sneak peek

Studio sneak peek

What advice/tips do you have for accessorizing with your pieces?

Autumn is upon us and no outfit is complete without a set of Savannah Rose Design metal leaf earrings. Check em out! They are sure to spice up a simple outfit or add to your night out piece.

Do you have a favorite? Why?

It’s a definite tie between my feather ring and the leaf earrings. I have feather wrap rings, which if I can say so, rock, but I am all about comfort and simplicity, which is why I adore my simple feather ring.

Anything you'd like our audience to know about you or your process?

My heart and soul go into every piece. I’m constantly exploring new ways to make things even better. When you buy from Savannah Rose Design, you can trust that you’re getting a piece that’s been truly looked at over and over again before submission. Thank you so much for reading about little old me!

Thank you Lauralee, for your time, and especially for your beautiful jewelry designs!  See all the beautiful pieces by Savannah Rose Design HERE.

All photos courtesy of @_savannah_rose_design

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8 Boho Fashion Gift Ideas for your Boho Girl

Are you stumped as to what boho fashion gift to get for your free spirited girl?  Look no further!  I’ve done the searching for you and compiled a list of my favorite boho girl inspired items that are sure to capture her carefree, romantic heart.  Read on and be motivated for your next gift giving occasion!

     Blue Summer Dress by StylingWithChristina $68.00

Find it HERE

Feather Wrap Bracelet by SavannahRoseDesign $25.00

Photo courtesy of SavannahRoseDesign. Find the bracelet HERE.

Bohemian Leather Necklace by VickyBeeHandmade $21.03

Photo courtesy of VickyBeeHandmade. Find the necklace HERE.

 Resin Earrings by LittleHurricaneCo.  $40.80+

Photo courtesy of LittleHurricaneCo. Find the earrings HERE.

 Floral Maxi Dress by StylingWithChristina $68.00    

Find it HERE

Floral Whipped Body Butter by EssentialBeautanics $26.00+

Photo courtesy of EssentialBeautanics. Find the body butter here HERE.

Boho Flower Wall Hanging by ElizabethandDaniel $30.00

Photo courtesy of ElizabethandDaniel. Find the wall hanging HERE.

Bohemian Headband by StylingWithChristina $9.00

Find it HERE

Looking for more boho girl gift ideas?  Visit my ETSY SHOP for some more fresh ideas!